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The 6 Human Needs that make us all tick!

The 6 Human Needs that make us all tick!

By Rebecca Miller, Life Coach at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel

Why do we do what we do?  How is it that you will probably react completely differently to a situation compared to the person standing next to you?  What are the forces that drive and shape all of our emotions, actions and ultimately shape our lives and destiny?

Whatever your goals and ambitions, no matter where you live or what your circumstances are, there are six basic Human Needs that everyone has in common.   All our behaviour, whether at home with our loved ones or at work or out with our friends, is simply an attempt to meet these 6 Human Needs.

And, how we each value these 6 needs and how we prioritise them is what makes us unique, determining the shape and direction of our lives.

However, the way that we prioritise our needs can also create difficulties for us! 

For example, do you find yourself caught up in the same cycle of thoughts and behaviours that lead to conflicts in your relationships at work and home?  Do you tend to always attract the wrong partner?   Do you always feel taken for granted?  Do you always seem to clash with the same type of boss or work colleague even when you move jobs?  Do you have ‘triggers’ that make you feel anxious and depressed so you turn to comfort food, alcohol or drugs?

If so, you may be doing what you have always done to meet one or more of your 6 Human Needs. And this may be unconscious so you don’t even know you are doing it.

You may have heard the phrase, if you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting the same results!

The truth is that, even when meeting our needs makes us unhappy, we often still repeat the patterns of thoughts and behaviour because, somewhere, there is a pay-off!  Our needs are being met!  Maybe just not in ways that are great for us or for the people we are close to!

These repeated patterns of thoughts and behaviours are often based on decisions we made earlier in life.   Even when we have outgrown these decisions, the habits have become ingrained and we continue to repeat the thoughts and behaviours even when they aren’t working well for us.

shutterstock_100718374.jpgThe great news is that changing these patterns is actually simpler and easier than you would think.  And it can make a positive difference to how you run your life and how you stop your life running you!  

And that’s where Human Needs Psychology comes in!   Human Needs Psychology raises our awareness of our fundamental Human Needs and asks:

  • Which of the 6 Human Needs do you tend to focus on or value the most?
  • What are the ways (good and bad) that you meet these Human Needs?
  • How can you refocus the ways you meet your needs so that you get more of what you want in life.

Understanding your Human Needs, and which ones you are trying to meet in any given moment, can help you create new patterns that lead to lasting fulfillment.

The 6 Human Needs are: 

  • Certainty – the need for security, comfort and consistency in life. 
  • Uncertainty – the need for variety, change and new challenges in life
  • Significance – the need to feel unique, important, valued, special, needed, wanted and worthy of love
  • Love and Connection – the need to feel connected with and close to others
  • Growth – the need to do and be more, the need for personal development, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually
  • Contribution – the need to give to others, to be of service, giving to and supporting others

It is all about balance.  Once you understand how you prioritise your 6 Human Needs and the different ways you meet them, you then have the insight to make changes.  Instead of simply reacting in the ways you always have, you can learn to consciously make different choices to meet those needs in more positive ways.

Are you interested in finding out more about your 6 Human Needs and how you meet them?

If you are at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel enjoying a Day Spa or Spa Break or if you are a Lifehouse Member, do come along to one of my free 30 min workshops at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel on Saturday 27th June 2015. 

At the workshop, you will:

  • learn about the Six Human Needs and explore how you prioritise them
  • find out how these Human Needs shape all our experiences and our relationships
  • realise that change is not only possible but it is easier than you think!

No psychobabble!  Just common sense approaches to help put you back in the driving seat of your life.

Rebecca Miller is the Life Coach at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel

She offers Life Enhancement Coaching and Couples Coaching Sessions.   Away from the stress and strains of daily life, you can take time to review your goals, your 6 Human Needs and your life plan. Whether you need guidance about your personal relationships or clarity regarding a work situation, Rebecca can help you find solutions that will allow you to get your life back on track.

For more information, call Lifehouse Spa & Hotel on 01255 860050




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