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Clarins Body Lift Sculptor

Clarins Body Lift Sculptor

I’m always on the look out for new, innovative spa treatments to try which is one of the reasons I take regular trips to Lifehouse Spa – with over 80 treatments on offer I am always totally spoilt for pampering choice!  The range of massages, facials, seaweed wraps and pedicures on offer are to die for, however with this particular visit, I came with a slightly different agenda. I’m heading to Australia in a month so there’s really one thing on my mind at the moment – get bikini body ready!!

That’s why the Clarins Body Lift Sculptor treatment immediately caught my eye. I read that results from this one treatment can reduce your thighs by 1/2cm, whilst equally soothe rough skin and assist in the reduction of water retention and cellulite. I don’t suffer from stubborn cellulite, just the same pesky orange peel on the back of my thighs that plagues most women daily. However it’s definitely my biggest bugbear and I was keen to zap it all away with a magic wand before I hit the golden Aussie sands (dreaming).


The Treatment in a nutshell

The lovely girls at the Lifehouse Spa Reception explained that The Clarins Body Lift Sculptor is one of the brand's three Tri-Active Body Treatments (each a highly-personalised and results-driven 70 minute experience). An intensive body contouring treatment, the Body Lift Sculptor uses a combination of skin-refining exfoliation, sculpting massage and a super shaping body mask to create a shortcut to feeling more toned and streamlined.

The massage utilises over 80 rhythmic strokes in order to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, break stubborn fats, boost circulation and ease muscular tension. The method is tweaked to suit each individual treatment and the products used, in order to respond to the body's specific needs. In the case of the Body Lift Sculptor, the high intensity massage and intensive product formulas have deep reaching and long-lasting results when it comes to toning, lifting, and exfoliating.


The process

My therapist Dannielle was friendly, chatty, and immediately made me feel at ease (be warned you only wear a tiny pair of paper pants during this treatment!) She talked me through the treatment with extensive knowledge and evident passion for both the brand and the treatment itself.

The treatment began with a moment of relaxation and deep breathing, before a full body exfoliation to brush away all my dead skin. This was followed by the application of oils and an extensive massage from the neck downwards; performed in powerful fast sweeping movements, which aim to drain the lymph nodes and improve circulation.  It felt as though Dannielle was brushing away my dull, dry skin with magic hands in sharp, upward strokes.

The treatment continued over my arms, tummy and bust (you can choose to avoid this area if you aren’t comfortable) but I felt totally at ease with Dannielle and was keen to see the complete results. A thick mask to target troublesome areas [thighs, arms, or belly - your choice] was then applied and was left to work its magic beneath a layer of film. I went for the thighs obviously!

Whilst the mask was soaking in, Dannielle performed a relaxing scalp massage. The mask was then removed with hot exfoliating mitts, and the experience concluded with some deep breathing to bring me back into the room. 


The Verdict

The treatment is definitely not as relaxing as a normal massage, but you’re there to achieve specific results that require a particular vigorous movement to be able to achieve them. Plus it goes without saying that the surrounds and fragrances were bliss so I definitely still managed to reach a deep sense of relaxation.

The best bit…I saw instant results! Mostly in the condition of my skin which was brighter, smoother, well nourished and, of course, well moisturised. In particular, my bum and thighs felt much more streamlined, supple and firmer to the touch. The cellulite marks had 100% faded! I was gobsmacked as no creams or pastes have ever managed to fade those frustrating bumps before. Could it really be magic?!!

As someone who doesn't have concerns regarding excess weight or very stubborn cellulite, this was personally more of a one-off treatment geared towards prepping my body for the beach and I was absolutely delighted with the results.  Danielle explained that if I kept up a healthy diet, drank plenty of water, exercised and used the Clarins Body Cellulite Control product daily,  I could keep the pesky cellulite at bay. For more stubborn problems, a series of these treatments is recommended.

So if you're jetting off into the sun anytime soon, or simply want to feel a little more confident baring your legs, then this treatment is an A way to feel and look good. 

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