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Do money and power equal success?   Do you need a major wake up call before you’ll give yourself a break?   Does work come first in your life? Are you starting to feel like a robot?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to read Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder by Arianna Huffington. Throughout the book Huffington makes a passionate and compelling case for the need to redefine what it means to be successful in today's world.  She writes about her own challenges prioritising the demands of a career, raising two daughters, juggling business deadlines and family issues.

Arianna says, “In modern Western society, money and power are positioned as life’s primary goals. But as more and more people are starting to realise, there is far more to living a truly successful life than working a 60 hour week and earning a big salary.  Our relentless pursuit of the two traditional metrics of success - money and power - has led to an epidemic of burnout, stress-related illnesses and a decline in the quality of our relationships, family life, and, ironically, our careers.  Due to being connected to the world 24/7, we're losing our connection to what really matters. Our society needs a new way of defining success… we need a revolution in our culture, our thinking, our workplace, and our lives!”


So, are you ready to disconnect yet?

Arianna outlines her views on measuring success as going beyond money and power and into the realms of “well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.”  She proposes that when you integrate these attributes together with the first two metrics of money and power, you really can have a complete life filled with meaning and purpose.  You can thrive!  However, many people are so disconnected from themselves and the people around them that connecting with their own inner wisdom sounds like a near impossible task.   How on earth do you begin if there's not an app for that?

One way is to completely abstain from ALL digital distractions for a while.  In an era of smart phone addiction, constant networking, information overload, tech driven businesses and social media everywhere, it can be good to slow down and have a digital detox.   It can help you renew and recharge in a way that's not possible if you're still checking your smartphone multiple times an hour.  Instead of being connected to your phone or computer, a digital detox can help you connect to your purpose.  

At Lifehouse we encourage all guests to leave phones in their bedrooms to completely disconnect from the real world and soak up the calming ambience. We also offer many wellbeing breaks such as the Lifehouse Detox which is perfect for escaping the stresses of modern life.  It gives you a great chance to switch off from the hustle and bustle and pay some attention to the most important person in your life - you!  You’ll reap the benefits of our tailored treatments such as reflexology, massages, meditation and walk away ready to take on the world!


Another way to connect with the world which is discussed in the book is to remember the importance of wonder and nature. So often we miss things because we’re tweeting or texting or getting back to those gazillions of emails. Get outside, jump in puddles, wander through the park, stop and stare at that ladybird; take in life’s wonders, no matter how small.  If you can walk down the street, and just walk, without texting or talking on the phone, you will be able to notice the sunset, the design features of a building or the smiling face of a baby. Missing these little things in life can make you feel disconnected from the real world.


So, have you put down the mobile yet?  

How about now?

Are you still worrying about missing something online whilst you read this article? If you’re not quite there yet, then here are a few more simple tips to incorporate into your daily life.

1)   Keep happy company - the people you surround yourself with and the energy they carry really matter. If you’re constantly around bitter, cold, or critical people it will be harder to keep your loving wellbeing intact.

2)   Connect with others face-to-face - start making personal connections with people you come across every day that you might have taken for granted – it could be the cleaners in your office or the barista in the coffee shop. These people all matter and help you feel more connected with the rest of humanity.

3)   Spend time doing something you love - the most important thing of all is to ensure you spend time doing a hobby or activity that you really enjoy. When we participate in doing something we love, we radiate so many positive emotions.

4)   Meditate and do yoga – even just for 5 minutes a day. When you meditate you are giving your mind time to clear and reformat itself for all the new information that is going to be taken in the following day, or day ahead.

So stop and have a think about what success really looks like?  Is it the constant promotions, long hours in the office and the perfect PowerPoint presentations? Or is it the small kindnesses and acts of generosity, fulfilling your lifelong passions, having adventures, taking care of your health and the long-lasting relationships with friends and loved ones.

To find out more about the Detox and Wellness Breaks available at Lifehouse, please click here. 

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