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Fitness Classes with a Twist

It’s easy to get stuck in the same repetitive exercise routine; if you know it works, why change it? But if you’re getting bored and seeking something new, we’ve found some bizarre fitness activities that’ll add a little flair to your routine!



Circus-inspired workouts

You may not be ready to pack your trunk and run away to the circus just yet, but circus-inspired workouts (or Jakari) have been revolutionizing exercise since their emergence in 2009. Not only are trapeze classes increasingly showing up on the radar, circus-style techniques are being adapted for use in everyday gyms. Acrobatics, flexibility training and learning specific circus acts are but a few of the delights that can be sampled. Find a basic description here. For some inventive circus-inspired cardio exercises with hoops, click here


Karaoke workouts

Now we’ve all heard of dance fitness classes like Zumba, but karaoke? These fun workouts give your vocal chords and your body some exercise and can really boost your confidence! You don’t have to sound (or look) like Mariah Carey to belt out some tunes in these fun karaoke exercise classes! Read more here.


High-heel fitness

Feel glamorous whilst you shake away those pounds in a high-heel exercise class. Women don their stilettos and follow an instructor, strutting their stuff to the music! These classes are not to be taken too seriously and can make you more sure-footed in your heels for your next night on the town. Read more about it here.

Urban workouts

The city is your playground for this urbanized alternative to the gym! Originating in America, these urban workouts are springing up across the UK. Organisers research the routes, giving you a chance to get fit in a new environment and also discover unexplored parts of your town. Mostly consisting of jogging and cardio, urban workouts are great for boosting your general fitness levels and stamina. For sessions in London, click here. For more information on the urban gym read here


Yoga Fusion

The principal type of yoga fusion is a blend of yoga and Pilates. Speeding up conventional yoga and focusing movements on specific areas helps you to achieve that toned summer body! Yoga fusion differs from class to class; some play upbeat music and focus solely on fitness, whereas others will retain the spirituality and serenity of yoga. This exercise style is accessible yet challenging and is the perfect combination of cardiovascular workout and channeling positive energy. Check out this video to get an idea of what to expect.

Dog Workouts

Man’s best friend may also be the key to physical fitness! Playing Frisbee can get you a solid hour of cardio so run with your pooch and play in the park whenever you have the time. The chances are they’ll have more stamina than you so they’re the best workout companions for encouraging you to keep on moving. Try racing your dog; they’re extremely competitive by nature so should offer you a good challenge. Not only does this get your away from the monotony of the gym, it keeps your dog in good health too! 

Embrace your inner animal

Continuing on with the animalistic theme, fitness classes based on primal movements can be a fun way to boost fitness and discover your inner animal. Originating in Australia, these workouts can be done at home. There are loads of videos out there to teach you the basics, so limber up and give it a go! Find more information here.


Though the Twerking phenomenon passed pretty quickly and shall remain a dance floor move of 2013, twerk-inspired fitness classes are on the rise. The bizarre dance move has been adapted to give you the full benefits in an intense workout that can even be done at home! Find more information here.



Give in to nostalgia and drop it like it’s hot for this 90s rave-inspired workout! A live DJ pumps up the volume while trained choreographers take you through a full-body dance workout. Get fit and keep it fun with these social midweek raves! Read more here.

What do you say? These wacky workouts break free from the constraints of the conventional gym routine and add a little fun to your fitness regime. From finding your inner animal to joining the circus to twerking the pounds away, there’s something for everyone! Do you have any fun fitness workouts to add? Share your exercise secrets with us!


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