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Food Intolerance Test Review

I went to Lifehouse for my Food Intolerance Test knowing I had some digestive issues because I suffer with IBS. However, I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed to cut out of my diet to see if my symptoms would improve so this test was the perfect solution 

Sue, Lifehouse’s Resident Naturopath, performed the test which looks at 59 food proteins (she advised me to take note of the fact that it won’t detect anything like lactose intolerance as lactose is a sugar, but it will detect milk protein intolerance. This is why many people who present symptoms from cow’s milk still have issues if they try lactose-free milk).


Sue let me warm up my hand with warm water before the simple finger prick test which was very quick. My sample was then placed in small tray with lots of little dots in, with each dot containing a protein antibody. This was then left for 20 minutes to see if there was a reaction (replicating the reaction in my stomach) during which time we discussed my health history so that Sue could get a better idea of my issues and offer advice. Sue then poured a developing solution over the dots which revealed my digestive issues.

The test showed my main issue is with wheat with a milder intolerance to gluten and cow’s milk, things I consume in abundance (hence why I have issues on a regular basis I suppose). I was happy to have finally discovered why I feel so painfully bloated after eating pizza, pasta and garlic bread but Sue explained that by removing wheat from my diet I should show some great improvements. I was also advised of many alternatives so that I can still enjoy the food I like (including pizza dough!). 


Sue made me feel so much better about my digestive issues by the end of my consultation and I now feel I have clear guidance about the foods that are right for me so I can lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.


If you suffer with digestive issues I would highly recommend the Food Intolerance Test at Lifehouse to see how it can help you. For more information click here

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