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Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Watching morning TV I’ve found it so refreshing to see the inevitable raft of New Year New You programmes focusing on healthy eating and exercise rather than diets and calorie counting.  ‘And we must remind viewers that this is the start of a way of life, not a diet’ says the lovely Lorraine Kelly who herself has dropped down to a size 10 from a 14 by attending her local exercise and dance classes.

Experts say you can’t out train a poor diet and research papers certainly back up this theory. The consensus is weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.


 Carb Deficit Training

More commonly known as exercising on an empty stomach, Olympian athletes do this to strip fat more quickly. Aim for a mix of cardiovascular and weight bearing exercise three to four times a week. Vary your programme and allow rest days to avoid over training & muscle fatigue. Interval training, walking your dog with a laden rucksack or dance classes all count. Ensure you have a protein focused meal within half an hour of training to gain maximum benefit.

Eat Breakfast

If you regularly miss breakfast, now is the time to get back into the habit of eating something for breakfast every day. Research has proven that people stay slimmer and function much better physically and mentally if properly fuelled-up in the morning. 


Protein makes weight loss easier

Choose a protein source for each meal the size of your fist. This helps build lean muscle and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Protein comes from the Greek word protos meaning ‘first things’. Rather like choosing beef, chicken or lamb for the Sunday roast, translate this thinking over your whole week. Mix up your proteins so you include eggs, beans, nuts, fish and meat for a broad range of nutrients. 


Portions – it’s not one size fits all

A surprisingly easy concept that will make a significant difference to your weight over time. Our hands cupped together reflect the size of our stomach so our meals should be scaled accordingly. It makes sense that men with larger hands need more fuel than women. Try eating out of a bowl like they do in the Far East or reduce your plate size. 


The body converts all digestible carbohydrates into glucose, our petrol, which we need for energy.  Since excess glucose is stored as body fat, ‘white’ carbs need to be kept to a minimum. Think the size of a computer mouse for rice, baked potatoes, mash, roast potatoes and pre-cooked pasta and only have them once a day. White carbs can also swing blood sugars and sweet fruits such as grapes and watermelon can also have this effect.            


The body is slowing down so meals need to be lighter. Choose foods that are easier to digest and opt for lighter proteins such as fish or vegetarian rather than heavy meat dishes.  food_2.jpg 


Some fats actually help weight loss by enhancing the ability to burn fuel while exercising. A daily tablespoon of cold pressed omega rich oil such as coconut, flaxseed, fish or rapeseed is ideal as a salad dressing or in a smoothie.


Mid-morning and afternoon snacks

Smaller portion sizes at meal times can be supplemented with small snacks of the right type to help keep the metabolism raised. Choose a small handful of nuts with apple slices, a rice cake with houmous, tuna, turkey slices or a piece of fruit. 

Try our New Weight Loss Motivator Break for a fully structured weight loss menu with mid morning and afternoon snacks including daily personal training and personal monitoring. To book online visit 

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