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Mini-Hand Analysis Review

I have never heard of Hand Analysis before, but flicking through the Lifehouse treatment menu, it caught my eye! In the menu it reads “Your hand provides a fascinating tool for self-understanding right at your fingertips, like an owner’s manual literally in your hands. It will help you understand yourself more deeply and help you avoid the lessons that keep repeating in your life.” 

I was intrigued! I’m very open to getting to know myself better and understand why I make the decisions I do. I was also in a transitional period in my life looking for answers and clarification. I was sold! 


Before my treatment I did some research on Scientific Hand Analysis. What is it? It’s not fortune telling that’s for sure. There will be no looking into a crystal ball to predict when you’re going to die or how many children you’re going to have. Hand Analysis is the latest scientific data regarding hand markings, combined with the ancient art of palmistry.  First developed in India over 5,000 years ago, Hand Analysis is a scientific study of the lines on your palms, the fingertips and the shapes of the hand. It focuses on who you are, your personality and your soul. It’s also a very learnable skill if you’re interested.

I arrived at Lifehouse for my Hand Reading and was taken up to the treatment area to wait on Jocelyne who would be carrying out my Hand Analysis. 


Jocelyne collected me from the treatment waiting area and guided me to a private room away from everyone. I instantly felt at ease with Jocelyne, she was very warm, friendly and easy to chat to. Before we began, she filled me in on her background. She’s a yoga teacher and holistic therapist, who like everyone, had reached a pinnacle point in her life and was looking for answers on what to do and where to go next. 

She came across Scientific Hand Analysis online and became fascinated with the idea that your hand holds all of this information about your life. Her hand reading was really a turning point and that’s when she decided to learn about this technique for herself. She has now been doing it for 6 years and loves that she can help people understand themselves in a much deeper way. 

Jocelyne then moved on and explained that she would be focusing on my right hand as your left hand details more about your childhood and I wanted to know about the here and now. She showed me the four main lines she would be reading and analysing and my reading began. 


1.The Line of Emotion/Heart Line. 

The heart line focuses on your emotions and the type of person you are. My Heart Line showed that I was a ‘nurturer’ meaning I am very caring, giving, empathetic and big hearted. 

2. The Line of Consciousness/Head Line

The Head Line reveals your mental and psychological makeup. This showed that I was  very level-headed, direct, logical and factual. This really resonated with me as I am 100% all of these things. 

3. Your Vitality/Life Line

This line either long or short, reveals information about your health, relationships and emotional well-being.

My vitality line was a little weaker than the other lines on my hand, Jocelyne assured me that this didn’t mean I was going to die soon. Phew! This just showed that I needed to take care of myself a little bit more and focus on my wellbeing rather than everyone else’s. That’s the ‘nurturer’ in me, putting everyone’s needs before mine. Jocelyne also explained that this is due to/or is being exacerbated by my relatively strong lines of emotion and consciousness, which causes an imbalance. 

4. Your Fate/Saturn Line:

The Fate Line indicates the direction you’re heading in over time and how you move towards your goals. This mostly focuses on your career and job goals.

My Fate Line is pretty straight and direct with no deviation from my path. This reveals that I know what I want and where I want to go. 

Jocelyne also pointed out during the reading that I have a very strong Mercury Finger (little finger). This indicates strong communication skills and a good vocabulary. This resonated with me and is true. I work in Communications and studied it at University, so it was good to hear that it’s one of my strong points. 


Throughout the analysis, Jocelyne went into much more detail with me and we talked through each line, what it meant and how it was connected to my everyday life. I also received a breakdown of my reading by email from Jocelyne, something she does for every client. It’s interesting to go back over it and realise where those points fit into your life. 

The Scientific Hand Analysis definitely confirmed things I already knew about myself, but it also gave me clarity and a deeper understanding of who I am and why I make certain decisions.

If you are someone who is fascinated about learning everything you can about yourself, you will love a Scientific Hand Analysis. For more information, click here -



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