Rebecca Miller Book Launch

Lifehouse's very own in-house Life Coach is launching her premier book! And you're invited!


Join us to celebrate the launch of

Start With You

The who-wants-to-be-perfect-anyway approach to experiencing more fulfilling relationships.


Saturday 11th March
12pm - 4pm, drop-in afternoon
Thorpe Suite, Lifehouse

Readings and book signing with Rebecca


Please RSVP by 3rd March to


In this refreshing and revealing book, Rebecca shows you how embracing your imperfections and those of the people you care about is the first step to taking back ownership and responsibility for you and your key relationships.

In a humorous and self-deprecating way, Rebecca uses her own relationship challenges to ask vital questions to help you:

  • Accept that no one and no relationship is perfect and why that’s ok
  • Recognise the themes, habits and patterns that commonly show up in your thinking and behaviours, and ways to change them
  • Gain clarity about what is really going on behind what people say and do and develop ways to communicate more effectively
  • Identify the different needs we all have and how we can choose to meet them through deliberate intent rather than unconscious habit
  • Embrace the importance of putting our own needs first and how, when we feel better in ourselves, we make better choices
  • Develop the knowledge, skill and willingness to be open to making different choices in how to look after your own well-being and create more fulfilling relationships

About Rebecca:

Rebecca holds a Masters in Coaching and is an accredited member of the Association of Coaches. Having studied with Tony Robbins on his Strategic Intervention Programme, Rebecca bases her coaching for individuals using the 6 Human Needs Psychology.

Rebecca is extremely caring and professional; she sees her role as helping clients to feel calm, safe and secure to explore any areas that they need to gain clarity on and to then provide the right support to create positive change.




Praise for Rebecca and Start With You:

"Rebecca’s book is the perfect distillation of everything that she brings to her practice. It’s her wonderful, warm, down to earth personality and professional understanding all in one."

Bonnie Friend, Writer and Blogger


"Rebecca Miller’s, ‘Starting With You’ is an elegant tapestry of authenticity, delightful humour and powerful awakenings. This book is equally entertaining and filled with invitations to use our own experiences to raise your awareness about your relationships. I highly recommend to RSVP to the invitation and create relationships you would love!"

Beth Wolfe, Life Mastery Coach


"Start With You is an enlightening and remarkably relatable approach to the creation of fulfilling relationships in our lives. By first minding our own perspective and power in how we connect with ourselves and others, Rebecca skilfully demonstrates how to develop understanding and growth in the most crucial relational issues we encounter. The combination of both personal revelations and professional expertise will leave readers with the kind of insight and know-how that might normally require years of training and consulting with an advanced relationship coach."

Jeremy Fuhs, Life Coach


"Rebecca is a hugely valuable part of the well-being team here at Lifehouse. Her knowledge, skills, humour and enthusiasm make her very popular both with regular and new guests. Rebecca always demonstrates empathy and warmth which makes people instantly feel at ease with her.  Her insight and compassion makes clients feel they can share anything without being judged and we regularly receive fabulous feedback as to the results she creates.

In her book, Start With You, Rebecca has given a glimpse of what it is like to work with her in real life, her knowledge and empathy shine through.  By using personal anecdotes Rebecca demonstrates her extensive insight, skill and knowledge as a coach through making the questions and theories she raises both accessible and relevant to the reader. This book will make you smile and reassure you that you are not alone and that you too can learn to accept yourself for who you are and then create more of what you want in your relationships and life."

Sue Davis, Wellbeing Director at Lifehouse Spa and Hotel


"Really refreshing take on how your own needs impact your relationships. A must read for understanding yourself better."

Ivan Faes - Breakthrough & Performance coach  


"An incredibly honest and readable book, made me laugh out loud as I could recognise myself on virtually every page! I love the combination of personal anecdotes with professional insight."

Liz Carrighan Executive Coach and Trainer