4 Reasons To Start Rowing

This month, our members are embarking on a rowing challenge and we've asked our very own personal trainer, Alex Bates, to talk us through some of the benefits.

Members at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel are battling it out this month to see who can do the fastest 1000m row. Amidst the competition, we've caught up with our Personal Trainer, Alex Bates, to find out why rowing is so important.

Promotes Weight Loss

Did you know that competitive rowers expend almost twice the calories on a 2,000m course as a runner in a 3000m steeplechase? What's more, rowing is low impact, meaning that as the years pass by, you won't be impacted by wear and tear on your joints in the same way that runners are. 

It's Good For The Heart

There aren't many non-weight bearing sports that exercise all of the major muscle groups - rowing is one of them, though. An exercise tends to be good for the heart when it requires the use of large muscle groups in a regular and uninterupted manner. 

Builds Muscle

You'll find that a large number of your muscles will be exercised by rowing; the primary muscle being the quadriceps (they are the large muscles at the front of your thighs). After regular rowing, you'll notice your quadriceps become stronger which means you can perform activities like walking, jogging and squats more efficiently.

Improves Mobility

Rowing improves mobility of both muscles and joints - it's an all-rounder! Plus, it improves mobility in these areas without straining them. Rowing is often recommended for people with arthritis and osteoporosis for this very reason. The muscles and joints benefit from a wide range of movement during your row which will eventually improve stiffness and flexibility. If you've been used to a sedentary lifestyle and find yourself feeling stiff, loosen your joints by rowing for around 20 minutes at a moderate pace. 

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