Experience the new OPI Grease Nail Polish Collection

It has been 40 years since Grease appeared on our screens for the very first time and OPI are celebrating in the best way possible; with a Grease nail polish collection!

Now stocked at Lifehouse, we’ve added 12 new Grease-inspired colours to our collection for you to try out. From ‘Teal me more, teal me more’ to ‘hopelessly devoted to OPI’, you’ll have plenty of spring/summer shades to choose from.

Now’s the perfect time to get your nails primed for the summer season, and with our OPI Luxury Pedicure offer available until the end of the month, you won’t want to hide your toes during those Summer Nights.

Not sure which colour to choose? We’ve got you covered with a shade for every summer eventuality...

Wedding: Try ‘Hopelessly Devoted To OPI’; it’ll go with any outfit and bring out a tan.

Day-To-Night: If you’ve got summer evening plans but are looking for something work appropriate, try ‘Chills Are Multiplying’ for a darker look or ‘Tell Me About It, Stud’ for a powerful red.

Holiday: The brighter the better! Opt for ‘Summer Lovin’ Having A Blast’ for a gorgeous orange shade.

BBQ: ‘Teal Me More, Teal Me More’ is the perfect laid-back chic shade for day events like BBQs and picnics.

Date Night: ‘Pink Ladies Rule The School’ suits all outfit choices and looks great with a pop of colour.

Thinking of taking advantage of our OPI Luxury Pedicure offer? Why not read this glowing guest review so you can find out what to expect!