Guest Review - Frigi-Thalgo Body Wrap

'Great treatment and I would thoroughly recommend it to someone looking for a summer slimming quick fix'

"My therapist Beth made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I was greeted into a candle lit room with flowers and relaxing scents where Beth sat me down and explained to me the treatment process before the treatment.

I opted to take the vitamin and algae shot to begin the treatment working the magic from the inside! It was a brown liquid that looked like flower herbs and had a pleasant sweet taste.

The treatment focuses on the hips, tummy, lower-leg, thighs and feet, to target cellulite and water retention to shed inches.

Beth began by massaging an exfoliating scrub into the skin before wrapping the legs and stomach skin tight in the bandage. She advised that the seaweed infused bandage would start to feel cold and tingly on the skin as the treatment went on.

While the algae ingredients in the wrap started working their magic, I was treated to a thoroughly relaxing head massage with nourishing oils, followed by a foot massage. I had no idea I had so much tension in my feet until she started massaging the knots out!

I was then left for 20 minutes while the wrap was working - I was able to completely relax and cleanse my mind with the help of beautiful scents and soft music.

Beth then removed the wrap with hot mitts and my body felt lighter and more energised with the tingling sensation lasting a few more hours. My skin was left feeling and looking firmer and appearance of cellulite visibly reduced.A great soothing and slimming treatment perfect, for the summer months!"