Guest Review - Spiezia Indulgence Organic Rose Ritual

This luxurious 1 hour 25 minute treatment is exclusive to Lifehouse!

When I looked through the new Lifehouse treatment menu and saw a treatment called Indulgence Organic Rose Ritual, it instantly appealed to me. A rose ritual sounded so luxurious and decadent, I had visions of myself lying in a gold bath of roses whilst being pampered and drinking champagne! Well obviously it wasn’t quite like that but it is just as fabulous and unlike any treatment I have ever experienced before!

The Indulgence Organic Rose Ritual is a treatment only available at Lifehouse from Made for Life by Spiezia Organics.

I hadn’t heard of this brand before and if you haven’t either, then I suggest you check them out. Made with love and care in Cornwall, the products use only natural botanicals such as herbs, flowers and oils that are perfect for all skin types - even the most sensitive of skin like mine!

The products are so pure that you can even eat them! I tried some of the body scrub which tasted like brown sugar mixed with some lemon zest, just like the top of a lemon drizzle cake! Yum.

I also really like that the product range has been designed so that those diagnosed and recovering from cancer, who often have more sensitive skin as a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, can enjoy the benefits from the products and therapeutic treatments.

This exciting brand arrived at Lifehouse in early 2016, offering a range of treatments and stocking their beautifully packaged products in the spa shop. A Lifehouse regular, a Lifer as I call myself, and I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative treatments to try. So, after reading up about Spiezia, I decided that The Indulgence Organic Rose Ritual was the one for me.

The treatment started off with a 2 minute breathing exercise to relax my body and mind. The therapist and I did a series of deep breaths and slow inhalations together until I had reached a deep sense of relaxation. Once the breathing was complete, I put my feet into a warm basin that had dozens of small rose petals in it. My lovely therapist then scrubbed and exfoliated my feet using the Spiezia Embrace The Day Scrub.

The main section of the ritual is a full body massage using the Rose and Vanilla Oil. My therapist explained that the oil was made from rose buds macerated in jojoba, with wheatgerm oils and vanilla pods which would rejuvenate my skin - resulting in natural radiance. Yes please!

The therapist used a variation of movements and techniques to massage the oil into my whole body. I asked for hard pressure as I like to get all of the knots out! She then wrapped me up tightly inside soft cotton sheets to let the oil soak in and help to hydrate and nourish my skin.

The next stage was the facial. The Daily Radiance Cleansing Balm was used to gently cleanse and exfoliate my skin and remove all of the dead skin cells. Feathery strokes and pressure-point work helped to massage the Moisturising Balm deep into my skin. Just when I thought this treatment couldn't get better, my therapist covered my hair with rosemary hair oil and performed a fabulous scalp massage for ten minutes. Every inch of my body from my head down to my toes was thoroughly massaged.

Even my nose got a work-out: scents such as vanilla, lemongrass, rose, chamomile and marigold filled the room. By the end of the 1 hour 25 minute treatment, my face felt satin-soft, my head felt so light and my body so smooth and sleek

Once the treatment was complete I felt very sleepy and drank a lot of water, as recommended, to keep hydrated. I kept the products on all day and night whilst at Lifehouse (note: your hair does look greasy so best to avoid going out in public: stay tucked up at Lifehouse instead!)

The result? Well my skin felt great for days afterwards and was positively gleaming. My hair was superbly silky and shiny and my body relaxed and smooth.  Now who wouldn’t want some of that?

Jenny Wyper, Guest at Lifehouse February 2016

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