How to maintain a post facial glow

Our Spa Director Danielle's top tips to keep that post-facial glow, glowing, glowing, glowing all year long!

After a good facial our skin is always left looking luminous, bright, smooth, hydrated, and practically glowing from the inside, out! This is down to your therapist applying special techniques and good products suited to your skin type which remove dead skin cells, scrub and exfoliate your skin, clear clogged pores, moisturise and smooth out the appearance of fine lines. You'll also most likely receive a facial massage that both relaxes the facial muscles and increases blood flow.

Maintaining that post-facial glow after a treatment is slightly harder to do. However, it can be done, you just need to take consistent care of your skin or it will come back to ground zero. So to give you a little helping hand, our Spa Director Danielle has shared her top tips to keep that post-facial glow all year long!

  1. Now that all the toxins have been removed from your skin, keep the detox going by drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water really is the elixir of life and drinking the recommended amount helps plump out fine lines, stops you looking tired and gives you a natural glow.
  2. Don’t wash your face right away after a facial. Give your skin 24 hours to absorb all the goodness from the products. Washing it with your regular cleanser straight away will strip you out of all the product goodness.
  3. Therapists who suggest take-home products do this because it helps build upon your facial results. Use the facial as an excuse to kick-start a healthy skin care routine. Start building your skincare routine by buying one or two products at a time until you have your complete kit. Our spa shop at Lifehouse stocks all of the products used in your facial and we regularly have good offers and discounts, so don’t forget to drop in!
  4. Follow up with the same facial routine every day, make sure to slowly moisturise the suggested products into your skin and pat your face dry with a clean towel after.
  5. Keep sunlight at a distance. Especially if your facial required glycolic/salicylic acid peels and micro-dermabrasion. The reason being these treatments are very extensive and the underlying skin is very susceptible to harsh environmental elements such as, sun, pollution or harsh chemicals.
  6. Refrain from touching your face. People touch their faces 16 times per hour on average, according to researchers. This transfers dirt and bacteria from your hands onto your face, and it might result in new breakouts, especially on sensitive post-facial skin. Pay attention to where you put your hands, or at least make sure they're clean.
  7. Treat yourself to a facial as often as you can afford to. It really does help give your skin a boost.
  8. And finally exercise, eat well and get plenty of rest

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