June’s Treatment of the Month Guest Review

This month's Treatment of The Month is the wonderful DECLÉOR Heavenly Aromatherapy Massage. Join a guest as she talks us through her experience.

When I arrived for my DECLÉOR Heavenly Aromatherapy Massage, the wonderful spa therapist started by talking me through some of the different types of massage I could have. I really liked that I had four options. You never know how you’re going to feel when you enter the therapy room, so being able to listen to my body was a lovely start to the experience.

There were four different balms to choose from; relaxing, detoxifying, toning or stimulating. I was talked through each one and decided to go for a toning massage. Typically, I would choose the relaxing massage, but after having an explanation of each, I felt the toning one was just what I needed.

The balm is melted into an oil, so when it’s gently poured onto your skin you can feel the warmth of it. As soon as it touched my skin I could smell the wonderful aroma fill the room. The following 55 minutes were delightful.  

It’s a very thorough massage which banishes every bit of tension. It made me slip in and out of sleep, all the while feeling completely stress-free. I particularly liked the way my spa therapist payed close attention to my pressure points.

A few people have mentioned to me how they don’t like to lay still for a massage, and I’ve recommended this massage to them. As somebody who gets regular massages, this is a really great starting point; it’s gentle, it works on areas of tension and the therapists at Lifehouse are so knowledgeable about what is best for each person.