Made for Life™ MD, Amanda Barlow

Made for Life™ MD, Amanda Barlow

Made for Life™ by Spiezia Organics is a range of fully COSMOS certified hand blended 100% organic skincare and wellbeing products. This award-winning British range is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. For 15 years we have hand-blended a beautiful range of highly effective and pure skincare products, bursting with natural bio-actives, nutrients and vitamins. Our focus has always been that healthy skin is beautiful skin. That is the joy of authentic, organic skincare. It is accessible for all and is great for the planet too.

Made for Life Organics grew from a need for skincare that nourishes your body both inside and out. Since their conception, when some of the existing products were initially formulated by Dr. Mariano Spiezia they have always centred on dermatological research combined with the incredible power of nature. This delicate skincare range works on both a physiological level to assist in absorption, detoxification and restoring balance to the skin and on a psychological level as a result of the soothing and uplifting aromatherapy captured in each product.

In 1999, this original range of products was awarded 100% organic certification across the entire collection from the Soil Association. Nearly two decades later, every 100% organic product is still hand blended with care, precision and passion in Cornwall using organically produyced herbs, flowers and oils – these contain all the essential natural bio-actives, allowing skin to be nourished, balanced and replenished.
We track the provenance of every ingredient that goes into our products so each balm, oil or ointment has its own life story. The products and team have won many high profile awards.

Made for Life is an ethos of healthy and wholesome living, from the labels on our recycled glass bottles and jars to the product miles of our ingredients. It is about making choices that contribute to our own wellbeing and that of the world we live. This ethos extends to our Made for Life Foundation (registered charity 1138846), which supports those facing cancer.


Amanda is the inspiring founder of our Made for Life Foundation and Managing Director of Made for Life Organics - the award winning and original 100% organic skincare company in Cornwall.
Amanda’s background is in Hotels, Spa, PR and Marketing, and she is also a Reiki Practitioner and trained as a massage therapist and in mindfulness.

Amanda is an experienced public speaker and coach. She is passionate about sustainability and protecting our environment from plastic waste such as microbeads found in many skincare products. Amanda founded the Made for Life Foundation, registered charity 1138846 in 2008. The charity provides an integrative programme for people diagnosed and recovering from cancer. Over 10,000 people across the UK have attended Made for Life days since its inception. Today all profits from the Cancer Touch Therapy training which enables all spas to open their doors to those with cancer, go to the charity.


Spiezia Organics™ is the original 100% organic skincare brand, having helped to pioneer Soil Association accreditation for beauty products in the UK. Our skincare was the first to achieve 100% organic certifica-tion across the whole range in 1999. Each and every one of our beautiful products is fully certified to 100% organic COSMOS standard by the Soil Association.


Lovingly hand blended in Cornwall using, where possible, local herbs and flowers, Made for Life™ by Spiezia Organics range of scented 100% organic oils, balms, and ointments are rich in natural and benefi-cial ingredients and free from synthetic chemicals. A natural solution for beautiful skin.
Managing Director (and Queen of Hugs) Amanda Barlow developed the ‘Made for Life’ philosophy with a focus on healthy living and looking after the world in which we live. Wellbeing is at the centre of every-thing the business does.


MADE FOR LIFE philosophy

Managing Director, Amanda introduced the Made for Life™ philosophy into the company over a decade ago. Made for Life™ is about us, our health and the way we live. It is about making mindful choices that contribute to our own wellbeing and that of this amazing world in which we live.

Our company values centre on honesty, good ethics, respect, passion, innovation and fun. Our vision is to create positive change in terms of global wellbeing.

We believe that we all have a purpose. The Made for Life™ Foundation (registered charity 1138846) supports those diagnosed with and recovering from cancer and those who are supporting them on that difficult journey.

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