New Year Detox Tips

Now is the time many of us will be turning to detoxing and weight loss programs following the ritual of over indulgence during Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Detoxification is simply the elimination of toxins from the body, a natural process which occurs very efficiently on a daily basis. However, with modern day living a little extra help is sometimes needed.  Even the healthiest among us will have toxins residing in our bodies; taken in from food, drink and our environment. These can all serve to compromise our body’s ability to function at optimal levels. Poor food and lifestyle choices can clog up natural detox pathways and more toxins become stored in fat cells. This explains why many people notice detoxification symptoms on weight loss programmes.

Signs of an overburdened system include under-eye dark circles, a white coated tongue, bloating, acne & poor skin tone, itchy skin, bad breath, weight gain and headaches. The number one detoxification organ in the body is the liver. A mighty detoxing machine. But its function can be compromised when we eat too much junk food, white refined carbohydrates, fizzy drinks, high sugar containing foods and alcohol. These foods and drinks have the ability to cause a fatty liver and untold damage to our health and wellbeing.

The good news is that it is never too late to make positive changes and this doesn’t have to mean a life of denial. The best health promoting plans are those with realistic goals and offer flexibility so that when ‘life gets in the way’ we do not beat ourselves up for falling off the wagon. You may have heard of the 80/20 routine. This means you do your best for 80% of the time and consume whatever you fancy for the balance. People usually choose the working week to eat more healthily and let their hair down at weekends. Its all about being human.

Here are some tips you can incorporate into your day to day routine. Love your liver and soon you will be rewarded with higher energy levels, better thought processes, good sleep, glowing skin and some welcome fat loss.        

  • On rising, drink 1 large mug warm water with ½ squeezed lemon or whole fresh lime to flush your system
  • Try a smoothie for breakfast. A great insurance policy to start the day. Use plant based proteins such as ground almonds, pea or hemp and add in fresh pineapple, fresh mint, frozen spinach & blueberries.  Add coconut water and blend. Supercharge your smoothie with fresh frozen spirulina delivered to your door. 
  • Have at least three alcohol free days a week
  • Enjoy two high quality coffees per day and then switch over to green tea or plain water
  • Low water intake? Slowly build up your intake over two to three weeks. Aim for 500ml on the first few days just taking small sips throughout the day. As your cells re-hydrate your body will ask for more. Soon you will find you are managing two 500 ml bottles per day, add in another and you will be easily drinking 1.5 litres per day
  • Wean yourself off diet drinks containing aspartame, a highly addictive substance. Research indicates it contains no benefit to weight loss 
  • Eliminate or reduce all foodstuffs that are white. This includes white sugar, white flour products (bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta), white rice and white potatoes.  Opt for wholegrains and sweet potatoes.  Try gluten free pseudo-grains such as quinoa, millet, amaranth & buckwheat. Sprout these and you will dramatically increase nutrient levels
  • Eat beetroot or enjoy in a juice every day. The best vegetable to support liver health and excellent for sports recovery
  • Take the herb milk thistle as a supplement if you drink alcohol regularly
  • Avoid ready meals and takeaways as they are full of salt and sugar
  • Try dairy products from goats as an alternative to cows. Goat milk products are easier to digest than from cows
  • Enjoy high quality protein such as wild salmon, mackerel, lean grass fed meats, legumes, nuts and  seeds along with rainbow coloured daily salads and steamed vegetables with simple light dressings made with cold pressed organic oils

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