Shiatsu and Acupuncture – how they could work for you

It’s likely that you have heard of the ancient practices of shiatsu and acupuncture, but did you know they can be performed simultaneously for optimum results?

Elise Johnson is our highly-qualified and much sought-after shiatsu and acupuncture practitioner

Elise Johnson is our highly-qualified and much sought-after shiatsu and acupuncture practitioner

Acupuncture has roots in China where it is part of mainstream healthcare and a stand-alone therapy, as well as being used all over the world and steadily increasing in popularity in the UK. Using very fine pre-sterilised needles, acupuncture can be used for pain conditions such as arthritic joints and back pain but also for people who feel generally unwell but have no obvious diagnosis.

Shiatsu is a hands-on physical therapy that supports the body’s natural ability to balance itself.  It originates from Japan but its roots are from Traditional Chinese Medicine like Acupuncture.  Literally, Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ although a shiatsu practitioner will use palms, hands, elbows and thumbs to stimulate meridians (pathways of energy) through loose fitting clothes to balance energy flow in the body.  It is a very deeply relaxing experience and regular treatments decrease stress and maintain a healthy immune system and support well being.

Elise Johnson, our highly-qualified and much sought-after shiatsu and acupuncture practitioner at Lifehouse, uses a unique combination of both therapies to achieve maximum benefits for her patients. At the beginning of each session, a full case history is taken and Elise will examine the pulse and tongue in order to create a bespoke treatment plan. Then, once you are comfortable on the couch, Elise will perform shiatsu massage first to feel your energy levels – this allows her to determine the most effective areas along the body for the acupuncture points. Then whilst the needles are working their magic, Elise will use shiatsu once again to work on the areas of your body that require attention – very often, the areas that need work with either acupuncture or shiatsu are related.

By combining the two, depending on your wellness needs, you can expect to enjoy:

  • Energy vitality
  • A very relaxing experience – shiatsu is extremely calming
  • A general lift in your wellbeing
  • Release of aches and pains
  • A boost in fertility
  • Relief from menopausal symptoms
  • A boost for the immune system

Elise’s practice has been established since 1988 and her unique combine of both therapies in her sessions is very popular with her patients. She has a wide range of experience in treating women in pregnancy and postnatally as well an expertise in treating babies and young children. Elise also teaches the ancient Chinese health care system of Qi Gong.

Elise obtained a BSc from Cornell University in Nutritional Science and went on to study shiatsu at the Ohashi Institute, New York City, gaining her Massage Therapist licence at the Swedish Institute, NYC. Elise moved to London in 1985 to study acupuncture at the London School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and subsequently did clinic training in China where she learnt the practice of Qi Gong mentioned above.

We are delighted to offer Elise’s wonderful services at Lifehouse and she has already gained a loyal following amongst our guests and members in the short time she has been with us.

For a limited time only, Elise is offering a promotional rate on a course of treatments - purchase a course of 5 x 60 minute sessions and receive a 6th session for free!

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