The Importance of ‘me time’!

Wherever you are in your life, the demands from work, loved ones and everything else can leave us feeling extremely guilty for stealing a little time to yourself. Taking time to yourself is so important and allows your brain a chance to recharge, promotes concentration and boosts creativity.

I don’t usually take anytime to myself or do many things by myself, but I recently decided to book in for a solo spa day at Lifehouse Spa. Having been recommended to me by one of my good friends, I packed my bags from London and headed for the countryside. I was determined to take some time for myself – and not feel guilty about it!

From the minute I arrived, I was completely engulfed by the sense of tranquillity that runs throughout Lifehouse. It’s a really relaxed atmosphere, with many guests walking about in their robes, you instantly leave your worries at the door.

I was unable to choose between a massage or facial – being in desperate need of both so I booked in for the April Treatment of the Month: Energising Back & Face Treatment. This was perfect for me as I struggle to sit through a whole hour of a massage and find myself getting restless. My therapist, Shanna, was lovely and I felt instantly comfortable with her. All worries about feeling guilty for taking some ‘me time’ began to melt away…

My treatment began using Spa Factory chocolate and coffee body scrub, which smelled luscious. After exfoliating my back, Shanna then gave me an amazing back massage. It was just the right level of pressure, as I don’t like really heavy pressure. I was glad that my therapist listened and understood my needs.

With the first half of the treatment complete, Shanna then moved onto the facial – the bit I was most looking forward to. Like many other women, I simply don’t invest the time I should caring for my skin and it was beginning to show. Shanna began with a Spa Factory chocolate organic face mask – which again smelled incredible and filled the rooms with lovely scents. I could feel myself drifting off by this point in the treatment…


My therapist finished using a Decleor 24 moisturiser, which left my skin feeling hydrated for days after the treatment. One of the best things about being by myself was the fact I didn’t feel like I needed to put makeup on and get dressed up, I could simply let my skin breathe and switch off.

After my treatment I spent the rest of the day exploring the many chill out areas, from the relaxation room to the spa café (where I treated myself to come delicious cake) and the spa area. There’s plenty of space for all guests, and it didn’t feel crowded or too full.


So there you have it, my completely guilt-free spa day to myself! I can’t recommend enough the importance of taking some time to yourself and spending some well-earned cash on yourself. Grab a good book, pack a bag and head to Lifehouse.

Guest review - Zoe Corbett May 2017