You are invited to Start with You!

A blog with a slight difference today as this one contains a cordial invite! Part of the joy of being a coach and also working with Lifehouse is the opportunity to meet so many different people and for me to continue to grow and develop my own knowledge and skills as a result. The further joy is then being able to draw on those experiences and write about them in ways that hopefully help others to learn too!

As well as writing blogs for Lifehouse and my own website, I have also been busy writing a book, ‘Start with you, the who wants to be perfect anyway approach to experiencing more fulfilling relationships.’ This is now available on Amazon and I am delighted to say Lifehouse is hosting a book launch on Saturday 11th March to which you are cordially invited.

So what’s it about and why did I write it? Well, coaching comes in many different forms and can be very confusing for those not familiar with it. It also comes with a bit of a danger label as some people have the view that if you are a coach then every aspect of your life and your relationships must therefore be perfect. Well, nothing can be further from the truth!

Yes, I have a huge amount of knowledge and skills and have learned to apply these to improve many aspects of my life but I still regard myself as a work in progress and that is true of all of us. As part of my coaching, I often use stories to create empathy and understanding with clients to then support them in their own growth, the purpose being to empower them to develop their own knowledge and skills to then take action and improve any area of their life or relationships.

So, how is my book different from the many self-help and coaching books already out there? Rather than create another ‘how to’ book, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience in a way that was humorous, relatable and contextual for the readers to then make the theories behind the coaching I practice more accessible. By asking questions at the end of each story and chapter, readers are invited to reflect on how these resonate with their own beliefs, actions and experiences from their own perspective as well as those of others. This then leads the way to find out more about what they can do for themselves to create the positive sustainable change or results they want.

To find out more, please visit my website,

Meanwhile, come and see for yourself on Saturday, March 11th! From noon till twelve I will be in the Thorpe Suite complete with cake and prosecco to read extracts from the book, sign copies and answer any questions you may have as well as talk to you about the exciting programmes and workshops coming up. 

To let us know if you are coming, please phone Lifehouse on 01255 860050 or email at

We look forward to meeting you!