Digestive Health

Life Balance Consultation

Your health is your most important asset so we think you will appreciate our Naturopath’s friendly and common sense approach to helping you rebalance your health in a natural way. Choose from the following or request a tailored consultation specific to your own requirements.

Nutritional Tune-Up ~ Weight Loss ~ Vital Energy ~ Bones & Joints ~ Digestive Health ~ Immune Boost ~ Diabetes ~ Blood Pressure & Cholesterol ~ Fertility Enhancement ~ Prostate Health ~ Menopause.

One-to-one      £65
Two people together      £80


Food Intolerance Testing

A food intolerance can be a catalyst for a whole myriad of symptoms ranging from headaches, bloating, weight gain, IBS and feeling tired all the time. We offer a simple test to check for food antibodies with full results and advice given to you during the consultation. You will also receive a comprehensive naturopathic assessment plus a folder of handouts for support once you get home.

One-to-one      £140
Two people testing together      £230
Re-test follow up      £85


Coeliac Screening

Coeliac disease is an auto-immune disorder caused by a permanent intolerance to gluten found in grains such as wheat, rye, oats and barley. It is believed to affect 1 in 100 people making it much more common than previously thought. We offer a simple test to identify coeliac anitbodies and then guide you accordingly with sound nutritional advice.

One-to-one £75
Food Intolerance Test & Coeliac Screening £165
You can include Coeliac testing in your Food Intolerance Testing Consultation – add £30