Empowerment Healing

60 minutes £85, 90 minutes £125 or 120 minutes £160

What is it?

This energy healing session will help you align with your optimum Life-Path. A relaxing, healing treatment for cleansing and restoring your personal energy, helping you to re-balance and come into an easier flow within your life.

How Does it work?

Wearing comfortable clothes your session will combine crystals, Reiki & Earth energy to cleanse the aura and restore your Life-force energy, releasing any stagnant or blocked energy within the body. Kate intuitively works with the natural energies of your body and the Earth to recalibrate the energy field of your body and will give you tips and guidance on how to maintain a high-vibrational state of being within your daily life. Receive a complimentary set of crystals to take home based on your specific needs and your personal session.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to come into a deeper state of balance and alignment, or if you feel you have some blocked energy that is draining you. 


“I could not speak more highly of Kate, an incredible soul, healer, and spiritual guide for me. If she lived near-by I would have her on my speed dial and book even more sessions with her. I can feel almost instantaneously the positive effects from the healing. I feel my chakras have been opened, aligned and beautifully balanced. She also will also go the extra mile in each session to really get rid of any stagnant / blocked energy. I send her to all my friends and recommend to her to anyone who needs that holistic style healing season. She is one gifted girl!"

Book Now

To book your treatment, please phone 01255 860050 option 1 or email enquiries@lifehouse.co.uk.