Holistic Massage

55 minutes £75

What is it?

A tailored full body massage including abdomen, face and feet. This massage will work your body from head to toe and leave you feeling at peace with the world whilst internally your body will de stress and eliminate toxins in the blood, muscle, skin and mind.

How does it work?

The approach is a gentle encouragement of the lymphatic and nervous system using a mixture of effleurage (stroking) petrissage (kneading) tapotement (hacking, cupping, vibrating) strokes.  Massage oil is used to aid the smooth movement of the strokes and ease friction on the skin. The practise will work from you back to your front ending with a relaxing head and face massage.

Who is it for?

Ideal for someone looking for an all over therapeutic body massage.


“Holistic massage was recommended to me by a close friend. Not only did I receive a full body massage but I felt relaxed and at peace with the world.” – MS. F.J  

Book Now

To book your treatment, please phone 01255 860050 option 1 or email enquiries@lifehouse.co.uk