55 minutes £85

What is it?

A fast and effective deep pressure point massage technique, founded by a chiropractor, who trained Michael our Healer & Reiki Master. Very effective for all back, neck and shoulder aches and pain.

How does it work?

Michael scans the client’s body using muscle testing to find the origin of the pain, then systematically releases the tension using deep pressure point massage techniques.

Who is it for?

Those with back, neck and shoulder aches and pains. Even pain you may have had for many years.


“Many thanks for this morning's session; it was a pleasure to meet you. I felt great afterwards - once I'd woken up a little more! - and best of all, on getting back to London after nearly 3 hours in the car my back felt great. In fact it's the best it's felt for a long time so it's a shame my physio didn't do whatever it was you do, as it clearly works.” – Mr. D.W

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