Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

£349 per session 

What is it?

RTT is a special type of hypnotherapy developed by Marisa Peer and endorsed by A List celebrities, athletes and royalty. Unlike regular hypnotherapy usually only one session is needed to change your life and set you free from self-limiting beliefs enabling you to live the life you desire.

How does it work?

RTT drills straight to the root of your issues and change your beliefs permanently.

Our therapist, Amanda Cowie will call you in advance for a free 30 minute conversation to discuss the issues or personal challenges you wish to overcome.  At a mutually agreed time you will then have your RTT personal hypnotherapy session at Lifehouse and afterwards you will receive your personal hypnotherapy recording. You must listen to your recording every day for 21 days to reinforce the positive changes. Amanda will follow up with you by email to check your progress and then a final phone call.

Whos is it for?

Anyone! These are just some of the issues RTT can treat. Anxiety, weight issues, the feeling of not being good enough, imposter syndrome, confidence & self-esteem, addiction, fears & phobias,  achieving goals, gambling, skin conditions, smoking, sleep problems, unwanted habits, nerves & concentration, eating issues, procrastination, public speaking and more.


‘I am so grateful to Amanda, I was really nervous and worried as I`ve never been hypnotised before and didn`t know what to expect. But I was made to feel safe and comfortable from the outset and I rather enjoyed the relaxation of the session. I had a stone and a half that I haven`t been able to lose for nearly 10 years since the birth of my daughter and after just 2 sessions with Amanda I have managed to lose 15lb and after listening to my personal recording I no longer have the desire to eat sugar or to over eat. I highly recommend this lady. Thank you so much Amanda’ - Emma

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To book your treatment, please phone 01255 860050 option 1 or email enquiries@lifehouse.co.uk