Meet the Team

Our team of wellness experts include a Resident Naturopath, an energy healing practitioner, an experienced life coach, personal trainers, a Chartered Physiotherapist, an Acupuncture & Shaistu Practitioner, a yoga teacher and holistic therapist so no matter what your wellness goals are, we can help.

Sue Davis (BHSc Health Science) - Director of Health & Wellness & Resident Naturopath


Sue believes in an individual approach to your health.  She specialises in digestive health, natural fertility, menopause and nutritional coaching. Her naturopathic tool-kit includes food intolerance testing, herbal remedies, flower remedies, nutritional supplements and detoxification programmes. 


Alex Bates (Sports Science BSc (Hons) - Sports Therapist, Personal Trainer


Alex specialises in running injuries and body maintenance, as well as strengthening for pre &/or post-hip and knee replacement surgery. He is also trained in gait analysis, which assesses the way in which you walk & run and can be used to help prevent injury or rehabilitate an existing injury.


Lottie Thompson (Sports Science BSc (Hons) - Personal Trainer, MOT Health Practitioner


Lottie carries out non-evasive MOT Health checks including body composition analysis, cholesterol and blood glucose testing. Lottie is an enthusiastic fitness instructor and is also qualified in post -natal exercise as well being a nutritional coach.



Natasha Allsop (BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy) - Chartered Physiotherapist


Natasha uses a combination of physiotherapy and Pilates to help her clients improve their mobility and rehabilitation.  She is vastly skilled in her ability to identify root causes of anyone experiencing injury or physical imbalance.  Natasha is known for her empathetic approach and great attention to detail when working with individuals.


Michael Barthaud - Healer, Channeller, Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master


Michael offers a selection of healing therapies designed to restore equilibrium to any mental, emotional, spiritual or physical imbalances. Some guests visiting Lifehouse are known to book their dates around Michael’s schedule indicating how special he is to the many who have experienced his healing touch.


Maria Natusch – Wellness Practitioner


Maria is a holistic therapist who offers various treatments including Reiki, cancer touch therapy and our signature Soul Soother wellness treatment. Her nurturing and caring nature approach extends to all who encounter her.


Jocelyne Leach - Yoga Teacher


Jocelyne has been teaching yoga since Lifehouse opened.  She believes that what you experience mentally really does affect you physically and vice versa. Her style is sometimes challenging but always energising and self-empowering.


Elise Johnson - Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Practitioner


Elise is unique in that she offers both shiatsu and acupuncture in a combined therapy and specialises in fertility.  She also teaches the ancient Chinese health care system of Qi Gong.



Rebecca Miller (MA Coaching & Mentoring) - Life Coach


Rebecca’s friendly style of coaching helps clients feel safe to open up and explore how their current beliefs and behaviours may be affecting certain areas of their life. By identifying negative patterns, clients are then empowered to garner changes that will help create more positive outcomes.



Lisa Smith - Massage Therapist



Lisa is a massage therapist qualified in both Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage.Lisa seeks out areas of the body holding tension and stress and releases it using techniques to work deep into the fascia and muscle.  After releasing the tension Lisa uses holistic methods to bring the nervous system back to a state of equilibrium.


Sarah Davies - Usui Reiki Master and Reflexologist


Channelling energy comes naturally to Sarah. Her offerings at Lifehouse include Reiki, tailored healing sessions and reflexology. Her meditation classes are especially popular with guest’s seeking stress reduction and deep relaxation on many levels.



Mel Gardner - Pilates Instructor and Holistic Therapist


Mel is an expert in Classic Pilates, specialising in rehabilitation and helping people improve their overall wellbeing. Her classes are very popular and much sought after. Mel also offers massage and holistic treatments tailored to meet guest’s individual needs and requirements.