Energy Healing

Our Reiki Master and Healer, Michael Barthaud, has over 20 years experience in the healing arts.

Healing and Balance*

When we experience imbalances at a mental, emotional or spiritual level there can often be a corresponding physical imbalance. Your therapist will draw upon a varied range of techniques to encourage deep healing to the physical body and harmonise the entire energy system. Afterwards you will feel more balanced, calm, centred and deeply relaxed. An Australian Bush Flower remedy may be prescribed, at additional cost, to support on-going healing after your session. Please wear comfortable clothing for this therapy.

1hour      £85
90 minutes       £120
Sampler session 20 minutes      £30


Four Hands Massage*

Experience a full healing body massage combined with a Reiki session all in one. Enjoy the luxury of two skilled therapists working in harmony to combine therapeutic massage and healing touch. Feel totally indulged while one therapist soothes away any aches, knots and tension, while the second therapist works intuitively to balance your energy.

60 minutes      £95



A gentle healing process, performed while fully clothed, aimed at restoring harmony to mind, body and spirit.

50 minutes      £60

* Specialist treatments are subject to availability and must be pre-booked. Appointment times stated include full consultation, treatment and aftercare.