Standing Tall


Myotherapy is a breakthrough in all back pain and muscle tension. It works by combining a simple, empirical muscle testing technique called kinesiology together with deep pressure point therapy to relieve abnormal muscle tension. The underlying magic is the skillful application of both in a unique manner. Myotherapy has only one focus and outcome – to return the neuromusculoskeletal system to optimal function.

30 minutes     £50
55 minutes     £85



Therapeutic and educative based sessions focused on restoring, maintaining or developing optimum physical movement and function following injury, accidents, operations or repetitive strain type issues.

30 minutes      £40
60 minutes      £75



A new personal training service from our in-house physiotherapist aimed at those tentative about getting back into fitness after an injury or illness. Also for those new to exercise or of a more advanced age who prefer the safety net of training with a physiotherapist.

30 minutes      £40


Postural Check-Up*

We could all do with a postural assessment from time to time. Are you someone that routinely carries your heavy bag on one shoulder or have you noticed that you wear out the heels of your shoes in a certain way? Come and see our physiotherapist and she’ll help to sort this for you in no time.

30 minutes      £40


Sports Massage*

Enjoy a therapeutic massage involving deep and soft tissue techniques that really work to release deep seated knots and tension.

25 minutes      £40
50 minutes      £75

* Specialist treatments are subject to availability and must be pre-booked. Appointment times stated include full consultation, treatment and aftercare.

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