Ultimate Holistic Experience

120 minutes £135 

What is it? 

An extensive experience with our in-house Healer and Reiki Master includes 30 minutes of private meditation, 30 minutes healing & balance, 30 minutes chakra balancing with energy discs, 30 minutes Reiki and a personalised flower remedy to take home.

How does it work? 

Wearing comfortable clothing you will enjoy 2 hours of pure relaxation and energy healing starting with a guided meditation to set the tone. You will then relax on the couch and experience a combination of chakra balancing, healing and Reiki with your own tailored flower remedy to take home.    

Who is it for? 

Anyone feeling the need to press the pause button and go deeper to aid healing. Recommended for burnout, exhaustion, recovery from illness or just feeling out of balance and not your usual self.  


“I found the effects profound and immediate. I can really feel a big difference, even after just one session. During the treatment, I enter a deep level of relaxation and peace. As I come around at the end, I feel well balanced and very peaceful. This feeling can stay with me for the rest of the day and I feel great! I sleep extremely well and I find it so much easier to go deeper with my meditation practice, especially with the flower remedy that he prescribes after the healing.” – Mrs. W.A


Book Now

To book a treatment, please phone 01255 860050 option 1 or email enquiries@lifehouse.co.uk.