Massage & Body Treatments

All stated treatment times shown are inclusive of full consultation and aftercare advice. 

CLARINS Hot Stone Massage 

55 minutes | £99 or 70 minutes | £114

A deeply relaxing, bespoke massage using individually shaped, heat releasing marble and slate stones to release tension, soothe aching muscles and calm the body and soul.

CLARINS Rebalancing Massage

70 minutes | £114

Deeply relaxing full body massage using slower movements and pressure points techniques to relieve long-standing knots and tension  – Now also suitable for men.

CLARINS Deep Tissue Massage

55 minutes | £114

Whether you've pushed yourself at the gym or had a hectic week at work, this intensely therapeutic massage will ease tense shoulders, back knots, and aches. With aromatic essential oils to supercharge stress relief, this invigorating massage will restore your sense of wellbeing. 

CLARINS Beauty Sleep

85 minutes | £129

This head to toe treatment will induce sleep and pure relaxation using slow, soothing and rhythmic techniques. Includes mini facial. 70mins treatment time plus consultation and aftercare advice

ELEMIS Elemis Expert Deep Tissue Tension-Ease Massage

55 minutes | £99

LIFEHOUSE Swedish Full Body Massage

55 minutes | £92

One of our most popular treatments to reduce muscular pain, ease stiffness and relieve stress.

LIFEHOUSE Lifehouse Hot Stone Massage

55 minutes | £95

Body hugging movements are combined with hot polished lava stones to promote more than just a feeling of warmth. The stones’ studied shape is adapted to different parts of the body and prolongs the hand movements to drain, soothe and energise.

LIFEHOUSE Massage for Two

55 minutes | £95 per person

Experience the joy and serenity of a massage with a friend or loved one in the privacy of our twin treatment room.

ELEMIS Elemis Expert Deep Tissue Tension-Ease Massage for 2

55 minutes | £105 per person

Upgrade your Massage for two to an Elemis Deep Tissue Massage, leaving you feeling grounded and focused.


60 minutes | £99

Do you just Release and rebalance with this full - body massage. Neurolymphatic reflex pressure points help stimulate the lymphatic system, and myofascial trigger points release key muscle groups. Firm pressure creates space within the body, helping improve posture and flexibility, as well as supporting gut health through abdominal and foot work. Detoxification is encouraged throughout this treatment, so you leave lighter and more balanced.

GROWN ALCHEMIST Urban De-stress Massage

60 minutes | £99

Our bodies hold stress in more places than just the mind. This de-stressing treatment targets these areas, harnesses it, and encourages a release through deep relaxation. To do this, we use a bespoke system of soothing massage, lymphatic stimulation, myofascial release and a pressure point massage of the back and feet. The release of stress from deep inside promotes healthy organ function, putting the body, and therefore, the mind at ease.


25 minutes | £65

Refresh tired, aching feet and soles with exfoliation, followed by a soothing lower leg and foot massage with cooling peppermint, healing rosemary and Made for Life 100% organic oils.

MADE FOR LIFE ORGANICS Mindful Moments Massage

55 minutes | £99

Commencing with Mindfulness, this beautiful massage includes a calming foot ritual, scalp, neck and shoulder massage along with a firm and meaningful back massage to clear the mind and soothe the soul.

TEMPLE SPA Stress Not CBD Massage

60 minutes | £99

This calming and anti-inflammatory massage targets muscle pain and melts away tension using the power ofwarmed stones leaving you feeling inexplicably relaxed and soothed from top-to-toe. Temple Spa’s CBD balm STRESS NOT naturally eases muscle stiffness and calms busy minds giving you a moment of blissful respite.

TEMPLE SPA Your Best You 
Menopause Relief & Mood Boosting treatment

60 minutes £109 / 90 minutes £139

This unique top-to-toe treatment is bespoke to you, supporting fully during your second spring, no matter thestage you’re at. Give us your whole you for an hour and you’ll leave energised yet nurtured, at ease. Choose fromwarm or cool but hey it’s okay to change your mind at any time, just say. This gentle, caring massage uses acombination of expert therapist hands and Himalayan Salt stones with nurturing skincare. These healing stonesproduce negative ions to support stress relief, increase energy, and positively boost your mood. Rhythmicstretches, and gentle joint rotation rescue achy limbs and tension and a gentle lymph drainage facial reducespuffiness to leave skin fresh and feeling beautiful. Nutritious oils and deeply hydrating, comforting body cream, DUVET gives your body the hug it deserves. You’ll step off the bed feeling fresh, calm & content knowing thatyou have done something good for you. Your best you once again.
Upgrade your treatment to 90 minutes to include a lifting facial massage, hot oil scalp massage and applicationof Temple Spa’s award-winning Truffle products.

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