Grown Alchemist, the scientifically-innovative skincare, bodycare and haircare brand powered by nature and designed for results. Since 2008, GROWN ALCHEMIST has cultivated a reputation for utilizing a minimum of 94% natural ingredients that are alchemized by advancements in cosmetic chemistry, with a planet-conscious, design-led packaging ethos. They develop clean formulas, without compromising efficacy, that are capable of transforming the skin from both the outside-in; from topical skincare, to  innovative face and body treatments. Through a cleanse, detox and activate 3-phase prescription, the GROWN ALCHEMIST approach focuses on creating an environment for skin health, to optimize the skin's function and activate the genetic biological beauty potential of your skin.



60 minutes | £115

Decelerate signs of ageing with this total skin reboot. Potent Triple-Weight Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides3+8 are used to encourage collagen production and improve firmness. These actives are combined with specific application techniques and tools, including lymphatic drainage & cryotherapy for instant results. This customised treatment is based on your skin concerns, such as; loss of plumpness, uneven tone and texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.


60 minutes | £99

A deep cleansing facial like no other, this treatment has been designed to detox skin at a cellular level, ideal for those who are always on the go or lack a regular sleep cycle. A powerful blend of bio-compatible antioxidants and peptides help detox skin of free radicals, whilst cupping the rapyis used to increase blood flow, aid drainage of fluids, reduce puffiness and help firm. Leave feeling thoroughly rejuvenated with a smoother, younger-looking complexion.


60 minutes | £99

This facial is like a strengthening skin smoothie, your skin is fed a cocktail of bio-compatible antioxidants and revitalising actives, reintroducing the nutrients your skin loses daily from overexposure to external aggressors such as pollution and UV rays. Combined with energising massage movements, the skin’s natural defence barrier is strengthened, free radicals and pollutants are neutralised, fine lines are visibly smoothed, and radiance is restored. 



60 minutes | £99

Do you just Release and rebalance with this full - body massage. Neurolymphatic reflex pressure points help stimulate the lymphatic system, and myofascial trigger points release key muscle groups. Firm pressure creates space within the body, helping improve posture and flexibility, as well as supporting gut health through abdominal and foot work. Detoxification is encouraged throughout this treatment, so you leave lighter and more balanced.

GROWN ALCHEMIST Urban De-stress Massage

60 minutes | £99

Our bodies hold stress in more places than just the mind. This de-stressing treatment targets these areas, harnesses it, and encourages a release through deep relaxation. To do this, we use a bespoke system of soothing massage, lymphatic stimulation, myofascial release and a pressure point massage of the back and feet. The release of stress from deep inside promotes healthy organ function, putting the body, and therefore, the mind at ease. 


50 minutes | £79

This full-body polish will leave your face envious. With a unique blend of volcanic pumice granules, tangerine and chamomile extract, this delicious scrub exfoliates to remove dead cells while drawing out bacteria and impurities. Your treatment continues with a soothing application of Mandarin and Rosemary Leaf Body Cream for your skin to absorb essential moisture and nutrients. The body is left feeling healthy, supple, and visibly revived. 

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