Wellness Treatments

Our wellness experts offer a range of treatments designed to cater for your mind, body and spirit so no matter which area of your life you are looking to improve, we can help.

Holistic Massage

55 minutes | £99

A tailored full body massage including abdomen, face and feet. This massage will work your body from head to toe and leave you feeling at peace with the world whilst internally your body will de stress and eliminate toxins in the blood, muscle, skin and mind

TEMPLESPA Your Best You 

Menopause Relief & Mood Boosting treatment

60 | minutes £109 / 90 | minutes £139

This unique top-to-toe treatment is bespoke to you, supporting fully during your second spring, no matter the stage you’re at. Give us your whole you for an hour and you’ll leave energised yet nurtured, at ease. Choose from warm or cool but hey it’s okay to change your mind at any time, just say. This gentle, caring massage uses a combination of expert therapist hands and Himalayan Salt stones with nurturing skincare. These healing stones produce negative ions to support stress relief, increase energy, and positively boost your mood. Rhythmic stretches, and gentle joint rotation rescue achy limbs and tension and a gentle lymph drainage facial reduces puffiness to leave skin fresh and feeling beautiful. Nutritious oils and deeply hydrating, comforting body cream, DUVET gives your body the hug it deserves. You’ll step off the bed feeling fresh, calm & content knowing thatyou have done something good for you. Your best you once again.
Upgrade your treatment to 90 minutes to include a lifting facial massage, hot oil scalp massage and application of Temple Spa’s award-winning Truffle products.

Indian Head Massage

40 minutes | £75

This heavenly treatment is ideal if you need to float away from the everyday world. This head, neck, shoulder and face massage is perfect if you suffer with tension headaches and need a pick me up.


55 minutes | £89

A relaxing therapy that works by stimulating specific reflex points on the feet.


55 minutes | £95

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing, stress reduction and relaxation. Using channelled energy, or Chi, this energy goes to where you need it, physically, emotionally or spiritually. It is extremely relaxing, detoxifying and rebalancing and can lead to positive changes in all levels of health and wellbeing.

Private Alchemy Crystal Sound Bath Meditation

55 minutes | 1 person £85 or 2 people | £95. Group sessions POA

Assisting anyone experiencing life challenges, soul squeezes, stress releasing or needing relaxation. Depending on what you are working with the session can include breathing techniques, meditation and relaxing and balancing Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath. The crystal alchemy bowls emit sound frequencies which vibrate throughout the body unblocking specific chakras bringing the body into balance. 

Food intolerance Consultation

90 minutes | £150 or 2 people 120 minutes | £270

A simple finger prick test to check for food intolerance's. Full results and advice given to you during the consultation. You will also receive a comprehensive naturopathic assessment plus a folder of handouts for support once you get home. 59 common foods are tested for including wheat, cow dairy, eggs, soya, corn, gluten and yeast.  

Healing & Balance session

55 minutes | £89

This hour long session pampers you with a combination of Meditation, Chakra Balancing and Reiki. It is particularly beneficial if you are physically and / or emotionally exhausted


60 minutes | £99

A clothed massage that works on the pressure points of the body to restore harmony

Sports Massage 

25 minutes | £65 or 50 minutes | £104

This body massage involves deep and soft tissue techniques to relax muscles and release deep seated knots and tension. The perfect treatment if you are or have suffered with an injury, it will leave you feeling relaxed, loose and with results.

Health MOT

Minimum 30 minutes | £35

A non-invasive health screening tailored to you. Our Health Practitioner carries out a range of tests including non-invasive electrical bio-impedence to analyse your current health and then make positive recommendations. 

Life Skills Coaching

60 minutes | £85

Whether you need guidance about your personal relationships or clarity regarding a work situation our experienced life coach can help you find solutions that will allow you to get your life back on track

1-2-1 Meditation

50 minutes 1 person | £75 or 2 people | £85. Group Sessions POA

Embark on a personal journey using breathing, visualisation and mindfulness techniques to achieve ultimate relaxation, clarity and purpose in one’s life.

Personal Training

30 minutes | £35

One to one motivational session with one of our sport science qualified trainers  

1-2-1 Pilates

60 minutes 1 person | £85 or 2 people | £95. Group sessions POA

A private Pilates class. Concentrating on posture, balance and flexibility while strengthening the body. Focuses on providing balance between your mind and body for a overall sense of well-being.  


60 minutes 1 person | £85 or 2 people | £95. Group sessions POA

A private Yoga class with one of our experienced Yoga teachers. Suitable for beginners or the more experienced.

Made For Life Wellness Treatments

Made for Life spa rituals provide a ‘window of time’ to disconnect from daily stress and reconnect you with nature and stillness. Akin to a period of meditation, they allow rejuvenation on all levels –mind, body and spirit, including a natural boost to immunity.

Products used with this selection of treatments are 100% organic and are also beneficial for guests going through or recovering from cancer. These four calming  treatments were developed in collaboration with trained oncology experts and are also suitable for those suffering with Parkinson’s, neurological problems, anyone suffering from levels of low to high stress, and those who find it difficult to relax or to sleep.

MADE FOR LIFE Organics Hand on Heart

70 minutes | £109

For soothing the mind and lowering stress levels. Also suitable for those with cancer, Parkinson’s or neurological problems.

MADE FOR LIFE Organics Deeply Relaxing Touch Therapy

55 minutes | £99

A deeply relaxing treatment of slow, soothing movements tailored to your needs.

MADE FOR LIFE Organics Catch the Breath ™

25 minutes | £65

This nurturing gentle treatment for the head, back and shoulders allows you to completely relax into a meditative state of relaxation. Slow Tui Na Chinese massage-techniques rebalance and calm the upper body while slow, gentle and calming techniques induce a deep state of relaxation.

MADE FOR LIFE Soothe & Nurture Facial

25 minutes | £65

A beautiful way to restore natural luminosity to the skin, leaving you looking and feeling radiant. Includes a face and scalp massage to calm the mind and soul.

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