Dry Wave Massage

Effortlessly float and engage your senses

Experience complete relaxation as you effortlessly float and engage your senses with our new Wellsystem Dry Water Massage Bed. This innovative treatment utilises high pressured water jets that glide along the surface of a warm waterbed, providing a soothing head-to-toe body massage while keeping you comfortably dry.

Aqua massages offer numerous benefits such as improved blood circulation, reduced muscle tension, and even targeting deeper tissues. As you recline on the perfectly heated waterbed and immerse yourself in the sounds of the ocean, your truly calming experience begins.

As the treatment commences, the heated high pressure water jets work their magic, moving up and down your body, focusing on those areas of tension. With the added ambiance of low level coloured lighting, you'll soon drift away into a profound state of relaxation, reminiscent of a classic massage experience. Optional red light therapy is available to stimulate collagen production and promote anti-ageing.

What sets our Wellsystem Dry Water Massage Bed apart is its unique features that allow for a fully personalised experience. You can choose the intensity of the water pressure, the sounds you listen to, and the colours that surround you, giving you complete control over your massage and achieving that weightless sensation every time.

We recommend light clothing during this treatment. Maximum weight 195.5kg (30 Stone)

£30 for 20 minutes

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