• What membership types do you have available and what is the cost?

    We have everyone covered with our selection of memberships from the early riser user to the travelling business person. We offer a range of memberships including Vital Living, Active Living, Complete Living, Swim & Gym and Swim Only (Mon-Fri) and Corporate Living Membership. In addition we offer a 31 Day Membership, please see “Membership Choices Table” which explains what each membership category includes and the various costs.

  • Do you have an off peak/peak membership option?

    All of our memberships give you unlimited access to the facilities at any time of day so we do not have peak times.  The only membership that is 'off peak' is Swim Only (Mon-Fri) for those who only wish to use the pool and spa facilities mid week. Our Gym is open Monday to Friday 06.30 - 22.00, Saturday & Sunday 06.30 - 21.00. The Spa Facilities are open Monday to Sunday 06.30 - 22.00. Spa Reception and the Relax Room are open Monday to Sunday 08.00 - 21.00.

  • Will I need money in the Spa?

    Your membership card is your locker key and doesn’t hold any credit, however it will provide you with a 15% discount if you show your valid membership card when buying a treatment or purchasing food and drink in the Restaurant or Spa Café. We ask that you pay for treatments when checking in prior to your appointment.

  • Do you sell poolside shoes and swimwear?

    We sell swimwear at the Spa Shop. We strongly recommend that you wear poolside footwear which can be purchased at the Spa shop although we do provide both disposable slippers in the Member’s lockers

  • Is there WIFI for my device whilst visiting the Lifehouse?

    There are designated areas throughout the Lifehouse where you can receive free wireless internet connection. We ask that when membership and guests are in the Spa area and Relaxation Room that they turn their electronic devices onto “silent” or “vibrate”.

  • What if I go on holiday or I am unable to visit Lifehouse – am I able to freeze my membership?

    We provide flexibility on your membership and offer you a membership freeze. Requests should be made in writing for the attention of the Membership Manager. A member can freeze their membership for a minimum of one month at a cost of £30 per month. You can freeze your membership for up to 3 months in a 12 month period. We do require freeze periods to be either 1, 2 or 3 full months. After your freeze has finished its simple, your membership will just continue as before for you to enjoy. Just make sure you tell us in good time before you want the freeze to start.

  • Do members have to book classes in advance?

    We recommend that classes are booked up to one week in advance to save any disappointment. This can be done via the Spa Reception, by telephone or by email. Contact details are on the Exercise & Activity Schedule which can be downloaded here

  • Am I able to bring guests to the Lifehouse?

    Upon joining, members are allocated an amount of electronic guest passes. Your guest needs to be accompanied by you and you complete the Member’s Guest Registration Form at the Porter’s Desk where you “Sign In” upon arrival. The Membership Director will inform you when you have used your guest passes and additional guest passes can be purchased for a small fee.

  • Do I pay extra for classes?

    This depends on your membership. Swim & Gym and Swim Only do not include classes. All other memberships do include classes and no extra payment is required as they are included in your membership fee. You can attend as many classes as you wish as they are all included in your membership.

  • Can my guest attend classes?

    Yes, the same booking procedure applies as for members. However, your guest will pay £5 per class. This is payable upon booking and is non-refundable in the event of non-attendance.

  • Can I book treatments on the day?

    We recommend booking treatments at least two weeks in advance. Any treatments cancelled within 12 hours of a non-attended treatment will be charged at 50% of the cost of the booked treatment. Members receive 15% discount on their treatments this is not applicable to their guests, however local guests (who live within a CO postcode) can apply for a Loyalty Card and receive 10% discount on treatments and when visiting the Restaurant and Bar. Please note Loyalty Cards can take up to 2 weeks to be issued.