Lifehouse Swedish Full Body Massage

One of our most popular treatments to reduce muscular pain, ease stiffness and relieve stress.

55 minutes      £75


Made For Life Organic Mindful Moments™ Massage 

Commencing with Mindfullness, this beautiful massage includes a calming foot ritual, scalp, neck and shoulder massage along with a firm and meaningful back massage to clear the mind and soothe the soul.

55 minutes     £80


Made For Life Organic Sole Sensation 

Refresh tired, aching feet and soles with a soebud foot soak and exfoliation, followed by a soothing leg and food massage with cooling pepermint, healing rosemary and Made for Life 100% organic oils.

25 minutes     £45

Massage For Two

Experience the joy and serenity of a massage with a friend or loved one in the privacy of our twin treatment room. At the end of your massage you will be taken to your own personal sleep retreat so you can float off, unwind, have forty winks and catch up on some ‘me time for two’.

2 hours (includes time in sleep retreat)      £80 per person

Himalayan Salt Stone Full Body Massage

With many health benefits including pore-cleansing, tension relief, improved sleep and reduced signs of ageing, Pink Himalayan Salt Stones are used as an extension of your therapist’s hands to give a soothing massage that will leave you with soft, glowing skin and a deep sense of relaxation. You will receive a salt rock to use at home after your treatment.

55 minutes      £80


Warm Oil Full Body Bamboo Massage

This powerful massage delivers stress relief, muscle strengthening, lymphatic drainage and reactivates the circulation. It is beneficial for those with an active lifestyle and will help ease muscular tension and soften the muscles. Skin is left nourished and restored from the bamboo extract used throughout the treatment. Also suitable for men.

55 minutes       £80 



With an emphasis on wellbeing, this journey from Natural Spa Factory is designed to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Featuring a cooling peppermint scrub and illuminating facial with collagen mask to ease hot flushes, you will then unwind further with a calming foot & lower leg massage to help water retention, followed by a soothing back massage to release tension. This treatment uses carefully selected essential oils and botanical ingredients to soothe, balance and restore serenity when you need it most.

1hr 20 minutes      £85


Lava Shell Full Body Massage

This full body massage offers the benefits of a hot stone treatment using Lava Shells – the world’s first self-heating massage tool. Our warm tension relieving treatment can be enjoyed by all to soothe aches and pains, boost circulation and relax the body and mind. Please note, a porcelain shell may be used at some point during this treatment.

55 minutes      £80


Castor Oil Abdominal Massage and Heat Pack

Relax while your therapist applies warmed castor oil and a heat pack to your abdomen followed by an indulgent scalp massage. Your treatment is finished with a soothing abdominal massage for relaxation. Castor Oil packs have been used for centuries to cleanse the liver, reduce bloating, soothe digestion, balance hormonal conditions and enhance the lymphatic system.

50 minutes      £65


Merveille Arctique Spa Ritual

An invigorating spa experience for deep relaxation. Enjoy the benefits of ancient Nordic rituals where relaxing heat from a massage inspired by deep tissue and Swedish massage combines with invigorating cold, using Thalgo’s innovative massage balls, taking turns to calm the body and release tension.

1hr 45 minutes      £125


Clarins Hot Stone Massage

Body-hugging movements are combined with hot, polished marble and slate stones to promote more than just a feeling of warmth. The stones’ studied shape is adapted to different parts of the body and prolongs the hand movements to drain, soothe and energize.

55 minutes      £80
1hr 10 minutes      £90


Clarins Chill Out Massage

This deeply relaxing full body massage can be tailor-made to treat the areas of your body that have a build-up of tension, leaving you feeling completely content.

1hr 10 minutes      £85


Clarins Contour Shaper Massage

An intensive treatment to sculpt and firm your silhouette. Includes over an hour of contouring
massage to deeply drain and firm for more refined body contours. A thermos-activated body
mask boosts micro-circulation, leaving areas of stubborn and newly forming cellulite visibly smoother. Your skin will look and feel firm, soft and smooth.

1hr 10 minutes      £85


Clarins Moisture Quencher Massage

Restores extreme softness and comfort to parched or dry skin. Using a blend of aromatic essential oils, this treatment includes over an hour of moisture replenishing and cocooning massage and a deeply hydrating body
mask to restore comfort to dry, dehydrated skin. Your body will feel soft, smooth and velvet to the touch.

1hr 10 minutes      £85


Decleor Aromatherapy Massage

Everyday stresses melt away with this heavenly treatment to relax, detoxify, tone or stimulate. The soothing sensation of Warm Aromatherapy Balms releases tension and eases stress for renewed energy and velvety skin.

55 minutes      £75


Decleor Aromatic Balm Massage with Warm Stones

The most blissful way to soothe the body and mind, this massage features a combination of warm stones and luxury aromatic balms to melt away the tension and aches, leaving the body relaxed and skin soft as silk.

55 minutes      £80


Aromatherapy Face and Body Re-Energiser

Beginning with a heavenly aromatherapy back massage, this treatment is perfect for banishing tension from the skin, body and mind. Tense, tired muscles are eased and stress melts away. Followed by a prescriptive facial tailored to your skin’s needs, you will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.

55 minutes      £80
1hr 10 minutes      £90


Indian Head Massage

This heavenly treatment is ideal if you need to float away from the everyday world. This head, neck, shoulder and face massage is perfect if you suffer with tension headaches and need a pick me up.

50 minutes      £65


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