At Lifehouse we offer a range of Recovery treatments created to cater to specific personal needs. Our Recovery treatments are suitable for guests with cancer or going through treatment for cancer and extend to those feeling fragile, recovering from an illness, stress, or bereavement.


Made for Life spa rituals provide a ‘window of time’ to disconnect from daily stress and reconnect you with nature and stillness. Akin to a period of meditation, they allow rejuvenation on all levels –mind, body and spirit, including a natural boost to immunity.

Products used with this selection of treatments are 100% organic and are also beneficial for guests going through or recovering from cancer. These four calming  treatments were developed in collaboration with trained oncology experts and are also suitable for those suffering with Parkinson’s, neurological problems, anyone suffering from levels of low to high stress, and those who find it difficult to relax or to sleep.

Hand on Heart™

This nurturing and calming treatment for the head, face, back and shoulders was created to allow you to drift away into a meditative state of relaxation. Slow Tui Na Chinese movements rebalance and calm the upper body while the 100% organic facial will replenish, nourish and revive the skin and ease tension. The ritual uses slow, soothing and rhythmic techniques providing complete tranquillity and deep relaxation.

70 minutes    £80

Catch the Breath ™

This nurturing gentle treatment for the head, back and shoulders allows you to completely relax into a meditative state of relaxation. Slow Tui Na Chinese massage-techniques rebalance and calm the upper body while slow, gentle and calming techniques induce a deep state of relaxation.

25 minutes     £49

Soothe and Nurture Organic Facial

A beautiful way to restore natural luminosity to the skin, leaving you looking and feeling radiant. 100% organic balms and oils will nourish and cleanse, eliminating congestion and returning natural balance to the skin, whilst a deeply relaxing face and scalp massage calms the mind and soothes the soul.

25 minutes     £49

Deeply Relaxing Touch Therapy

An exceptionally relaxing sequence of slow, soothing movements tailored to your needs. Soothing and nurturing touch to the full body or part of the body induces a deep sense of relaxation, enabling you to find peace and enjoy the present moment.

55 minutes     £80



For our cancer/post cancer guests. The Recovery Treatment has no set route so you can choose with your therapist the best combination of treatments to have on the day. Specifically trained by the Made for Life Foundation in the accredited Cancer Touch Therapy, our spa therapists will adapt spa treatments to ensure they are safe for individual needs. We are also proud to have been recognised by Wellness for Cancer for meeting the standards required to provide safe treatments for guests with cancer or in post-cancer recovery.

Recovery Treatment

Guided by one of our expertly trained therapists you can choose your preferred treatment from a shoulder and neck massage with a mini-facial, a comforting foot and leg massage with relaxation techniques to make you feel balanced or a scalp and hand massage. Our therapists can also recommend a treatment combination tailored to your individual needs. 

55 minutes      £70

Soul Soother

2 hours of complete relaxation for body, mind & spirit. 

Feel a sense of calm fall over you as glowing candles and relaxing music create a warm welcome to your personal sanctum. Close your eyes and breathe in the fragrant scents of flower remedies used to cleanse the room’s energy, creating a harmonising atmosphere.

Your therapist will begin by gently exfoliating your skin with a body brush, followed by a full body scrub which is removed with a hot mitt so you can remain comfortable and relaxed. As your journey continues, feel your mind drift away with a full body massage followed by pressure point therapy to release any tension. Healing crystals placed on your body will draw out negative energy.

Your journey ends with an ancient technique using Tibetan Singing Bowls to create sound vibration that will gently flow into your body. The rich overtones will take you into a deep state of relaxation, balance your energy and improve your physical & emotional well-being.

2 hours      £125

Read a recent view of our Soul Soother treatment from Top Sante editor, Katy Sunnassee

*All specialist treatments are subject to availability and must be pre-booked. 

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