We are proud to have been recognised by Wellness for Cancer for meeting the standards required to provide safe treatments for people with cancer or post-cancer recovery.

The Recovery Treatment has no set route so you can choose with your therapist the best combination of treatments to have on the day.

Recovery Treatment

Guided by one of our expertly trained therapists you can choose your preferred treatment from the following:

Shoulder and neck massage with a mini-facial
Comforting foot and leg massage with relaxation techniques to make you feel balanced
Scalp and hand massage

55 minutes      £75


De-stress in Heaven

A deeply relaxing back, head and facial treatment combining beautifully fluid and soothing massage movements with a calming rhythm to surround you with a comforting harmony.

1hr 25 minutes      £90


Soul Soother – 2 hours of complete relaxation for body, mind & spirit*

Feel a sense of calm fall over you as glowing candles and relaxing music create a warm welcome to your personal sanctum. Close your eyes and breathe in the fragrant scents of flower remedies used to cleanse the room’s energy, creating a harmonising atmosphere.

Your therapist will begin by gently exfoliating your skin with a body brush, followed by a full body scrub which is removed with a hot mitt so you can remain comfortable and relaxed. As your journey continues, feel your mind drift away with a full body massage followed by pressure point therapy to release any tension and healing crystals placed on your body to draw out negative energy.

Your journey ends with an ancient technique using Tibetan Singing Bowls to create sound vibration that will gently flow into your body. The rich overtones will take you into a deep state of relaxation, balance your energy and improve your physical & emotional well-being.

2 hours      £125

Read a recent view of our Soul Soother treatment from Top Sante editor, Katy Sunnassee



Relax in comfortable clothing while healing energy is directed to where you need it most. This is a gentle treatment recommended for those feeling fragile following divorce, bereavement, shock, relationship difficulties, surgery, illness, job issues or any life event that has made you feel out of balance and not your usual self.

50 minutes      £65 


*Specialist treatments are subject to availability and must be pre-booked.

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