Meet the Team

Our team of wellness experts include a Naturopath, an energy healing practitioner, an experienced life coach, personal trainers, a Chartered Physiotherapist, an Acupuncture & Shaistu Practitioner, a yoga teacher and holistic therapist so no matter what your wellness goals are, we can help.

Lottie Thompson (Sports Science BSc (Hons) - Personal Trainer, MOT Health Practitioner


Lottie carries out non-evasive MOT Health checks including body composition analysis, cholesterol and blood glucose testing. Lottie is an enthusiastic fitness instructor and is also qualified in post -natal exercise as well being a nutritional coach.



Elise Johnson - Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Practitioner


Elise is unique in that she offers both shiatsu and acupuncture in a combined therapy and specialises in fertility.  She also teaches the ancient Chinese health care system of Qi Gong.



Cherry Mullins (Accredited Master Coach AMC) Life Coach

Cherry’s warm, supportive style and practical approach, coupled with over twenty years’ experience,enables her to help clients move positively through challenging times in their lives. She specialises in transition, helping people to deal with challenges in their careers, lives and relationships and to move on positively from redundancy, divorce and relationship break-up.

Cherry’s coaching work also extends to helping businesses develop their staff and bring out their full potential. Corporate workshops are available.


Sarah Davies - Usui Reiki Master and Reflexologist


Channelling energy comes naturally to Sarah. Her offerings at Lifehouse include Reiki, tailored healing sessions and reflexology. Her meditation classes are especially popular with guest’s seeking stress reduction and deep relaxation on many levels.



Lisa Smith - Massage Therapist



Lisa is a massage therapist qualified in both Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage.Lisa seeks out areas of the body holding tension and stress and releases it using techniques to work deep into the fascia and muscle.  After releasing the tension Lisa uses holistic methods to bring the nervous system back to a state of equilibrium.


Amanda Cowie - RTT Therapist


Amanda is dedicated and passionate about freeing people from their fears and negative beliefs, empowering them to live the life they were born to live.  Amanda offers Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) at Lifehouse, a unique unconventional life changing therapy which aims to free people of their fears and negative beliefs, including anxiety, weight issues, smoking, low self-esteem or confidence, and much more. 

Jocelyne Leach - Yoga Teacher


Jocelyne has been teaching yoga since Lifehouse opened.  She believes that what you experience mentally really does affect you physically and vice versa. Her style is sometimes challenging but always energising and self-empowering.