Guest review - Carita Facial

Discover our exciting range of facials from Carita for the ultimate non-surgical facelift.

'A facelift that’s not actually a facelift'. 'A treatment that reduces wrinkles and tightens skin but is completely non-surgical'. 'A celebrity favourite with the likes of Amanda Holden'. 'Combines technology and touch to create outstanding results'. These are just some of the phrases used online to describe the Carita Facelift, of which Lifehouse is proud to be the flagship spa for in the UK.

I suffer from wrinkles around my eyes, and whilst I personally wouldn’t opt for a surgical treatment, I was keen to try something new to help fade the lines and tighten my skin. My cabinet couldn’t take any more eye creams, so the Carita Facelift sounded like the thing for me.

My therapist, Lani, was hugely knowledgeable about the brand and the stages of this treatment and took me through exactly what would happen and when. This made me feel totally at ease, as there is quite a lot of technical equipment involved in this treatment, and I think I would have been nervous if I wasn’t within the safe hands of the Lifehouse therapists.

The facial started off like most others - my skin was cleansed and various moisturisers were applied and massaged into my skin. Relaxation zone officially entered! Then we got straight into the techy bit: firstly Lani used a hand-held CINETIC LIFT EXPERT machine that rotates 28,000 times a second and works like a massage; refining pores, stimulating circulation and cleansing skin. I have a good skin care regime and would like to think my skin was generally clean. After Lani used this tool however, she showed me the dirt that came out of my pores. The cotton pads where black, who would have thought there was still so much dirt living under my skin!

Next up Lani put on some massage gloves which were very thin and were used to transmit a mild current when massaging my face. This is where technology meets woman - a perfect combination that allowed Lani to feel what’s going on beneath the skin and respond accordingly, while drawing on the power of electricity. She then used an LED light to smooth out the fine lines, stimulate cell renewal and reduce pigmentation (this part required me to wear protective goggles). She finished up by applying various creams including a softening and plumping mask containing diamonds and polysaccharides.

I then looked in the mirror: wow. I could see the results straight away. My face was visibly flawless and looked smooth, tight, clean, bright and soft to the eye. I’ve never had a facial that produces quite the same instant results!

This was a truly unforgettable experience and I would recommend to anyone that wants to give their skin some regeneration. To get the best effects, Lani advised that a course of treatments will deliver the best results, topped up each month or so to keep the facial muscles rejuvenated.

I experienced the Ultimate Experience Precious Diamond Facial, but Lifehouse offer 6 other facials to suit your needs and skin type. For more information, click here.