Guest Review - ELEMIS Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial

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Give your skin a superfood boost

Give your skin a superfood boost

When I saw that Lifehouse were offering Elemis treatments from this summer, I was so excited to try one as I absolutely love their skincare products. Usually when I go to a spa, I like to relax with a massage but this time I was really drawn to a facial, in particular the Superfood Pro-Radiance facial, as I had heard nothing but good things about the new Elemis Superfood range. I have naturally oily/combination skin and having recently had a baby, my skincare routine leaves a lot to be desired so I was very keen to give my skin some much needed TLC.

I was greeted by head therapist Sarah, who led me into a cosy treatment room and asked me some questions about my skin health and skincare routine. She then left me to get relaxed on the bed, which I must say was the most comfortable treatment bed I’ve been on – it didn’t lie completely flat like most of them, instead it curved and seemed to naturally mould to my body.

Sarah began the treatment by encouraging me to take a few slow deep breaths, which instantly relaxed me. She then gently cleansed my feet with a warm mitt, using lime essence to refresh, which was a lovely touch and most welcome after spending a warm afternoon exploring the gardens in flip flops. An eye and lip cleanse came next, followed by a full face cleanse using the Elemis Superfood Facial Wash, which smelled like a fresh salad (in a nice way!). It contains avocado, broccoli and pumpkin seeds so that explains it! A toner was then applied and Sarah brought over a hand held mirror so we could look at my freshly cleansed skin and spot any problem areas. Large pores was my concern and Sarah identified some dry skin on my forehead – this process allowed her to tailor my facial to exactly what my skin needed for maximum results.

Superfood Facial Oil was applied next and massaged in which was super relaxing. The oil felt lightweight and not greasy at all, like a drink for my skin. Next up was the gorgeous smelling Papaya Enzyme Peel, which smells like a smoothie and gently exfoliates the skin using enzymes rather than abrasive particles. Once this was removed with hot towels, Sarah generously painted on a cool gel mask and left it to set, while applying soothing gel pads to my eyes and treating me to a heavenly scalp massage, just in case I wasn’t relaxed enough. The mask was then peeled off in a very satisfying fashion and my skin felt so fresh.

The Elemis Berry Boost Mask was then slathered all over my face (I could feel the actual berry seeds) and it smelled like a delicious summer dessert. Sarah advised after the treatment that this mask contains Brazilian Purple Clay so is wonderful for drawing out impurities and mattifying skin – perfect for my oily base. While the mask worked its magic, my hands and arms were massaged and I must admit I think I dropped off at this stage. Once the mask was removed with more hot towels, my skin was given another tone, some more Superfood Oil, eye cream and a gentle application of Superfood Day Cream to ensure its thirst was thoroughly quenched. A spritz of the refreshing Superfood Kefir-Tea Mist and a slather of lip balm finished the treatment. Sarah gently roused me from my relaxed state, gave me some chilled water for hydration and took me through the products she used and recommendations for my skincare routine at home.

I floated out of the room and admired my skin in a mirror – it looked noticeably plumped, smooth and radiant. I absolutely loved this facial and was very impressed with the whole treatment from start to finish, especially the little touches such as the foot cleanse and lip balm application which really make it feel like you’ve been pampered from top to toe.


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